Vintage Art Can Make The Room

Vintage Art Can Make The Room

vintage art can make the room

We can almost feel a cool summer breeze blowing through the docks pictured here… Vintage art can make the room.




leather sofa $3,650 sku 2036  87x38x36H




set of two nesting tables $375 sku 3545 large 20x16x19H small 17x13.5x16H

vintage round table $1,200 sku 2700

agate side table $850 sku 3734 16Dx19H

custom square side table $775 sku 3732 16x16x18.25H

lamps $475 each sku 3549 9Dx25H shade 18Dx10.5H

black planters $265 sku 3735 12Dx13H

grey planter $152 sku 2217 17Dx15H

grand ship dock painting $60,000 sku 1808

marble pear large $120 sku 1738

marble pear small $80 sku 1739

white tray $125 sku 2733 10x15.75x2H

selenite votives $25 each sku 2101 3Dx3H

vintage corkscrews $120 each sku 2612

vintage boots $450 sku 4101 26H