Patina and Vintage Style

Worn, weather worn and aged are all adequate descriptors of Patina Style. The literal definitions of patina are:

- a green or brown film on the surface of bronze or similar metals, produced by oxidation over a long period.

- a gloss or sheen on a surface resulting from age or polishing. One might say, "the dining table will acquire a warm patina with age".

    Houzz recently described Patina Style like this…”It's about paying respect to an item's age and weathering and appreciating the story it tells. It's about seeing history, beauty, experience and long journeys when looking at tarnish, worn spots, and darkened or distressed pieces. It's about balancing old and new, simple and ornate, masculine and feminine and industrial and gilded”.

    Patina and Vintage Defined

    Vintage Furniture is widely considered to be between 30-100 years old. Vintage pieces often have that timeworn look. The timeworn look creates their signature patina bringing a distinctive ability to warm up a space and create impactful visual interest.

    Incorporating Vintage and Patinas

    There are a lot of ways to successfully incorporate patina and vintage in to your space. Here are a few suggestions to get you started.

    Modern Pieces

    What may seem a contradiction and conflict at first glance, we can assure you it’s not. Granite countertops and modern, state of the art appliances paired with vintage light fixtures and rustic baskets make perfect sense.

    Modern and Vintage can harmoniously co-exist and deliver beautiful results.

    Soft Textures

    The soft textures of textiles like sofa, pillows, rugs work well particularly with weathered organic materials like worn or rustic wood or metals that have a patina. Think of the balance between rough and worn with soft and subtle.

    Creating a balanced between modern and rustic, by incorporating vintage patina style is a process that may you trying different pieces in juxtaposition to other pieces in your space.

    We would love to help you with your process and have a massive amount of pieces to get you started. Need inspiration? Look through our site, and know that we are continually and constantly adding to our offerings.

    Please contact us at any time for help in finding the perfect pieces that will make your space your own.