Home as Sanctuary

In the turbulent, often scary times over the past few months, the need for home as sanctuary has never been more necessary.

Even if you live by nature are not a homebody, literally overnight, you’ve been forced to become one. Sheltering in place collectively forced us to inhabit our homes for weeks on end.

Subsequently, people are looking long and hard at their spaces and deeply craving the elements that will make then more than just homes, but also sanctuaries.

Before your vivid imagination conjures up a barren, stripped down, monastic temple, consider what makes a home a sanctuary.

Below are some of the fundamentals to get you started in creating your home sanctuary.

Bring in the Outdoors

Plants are amazing. Not only for their ability to fill a room with texture, color, drama and interest, but what they do to create clean air by filtering indoor pollutants.

Gerbera Daisies, Boston Ferns, English Ivy, Chrysanthemums, Areca palms, Spider Plants and Golden Pathos are favorites of the Clean Air Council, https://cleanair.org/

Making our homes and spaces more green by bringing in the green is a way to connect with nature and create a visually interesting space.

There’s more to brining in the outdoors that just with plants also. Rocks, wood, and other organic materials are incredibly useful in creating a peaceful environment.

Bring in the Beauty

Beauty is truly in the “eyes of the beholder”. We encourage you to look at things (you can start right here on our website) and see exactly what you respond to. We all have our own aesthetic and what’s on trend may not speak to you at all. This is in part why we are successful at procuring a staggering wide variety of pieces. In truth, we find them all beautiful, but they are different and so are our clients. At a loss as to where to begin. We urge you to scroll through our collections and see what catches your eye, and then save it or print it, and start putting together a vision/mood board.

Leave it for a bit, then keep come back a few days later and see if you still love it.

Get Rid of Clutter

This is a tough one for people as clutter seemingly reproduces all on its own. There are scores of websites and decluttering experts like Maria Kondo who have built an empire on the art of decluttering.

Remember clutter isn’t just trash or junk mail.

Natural Light and Sound

There is nothing like sunlight coming into a room to literally light up the entire environment. This may mean changing window treatments, rearranging furniture or even adding windows and doors.

Just add Water

The magical sound of a fountain or water can be transformative to your mood and energy. We have some beautiful fountains at all our locations.

We’d love to help you create your home sanctuary, please contact us to let us know how we can help!