Combining Rustic With Modern

When you think about rustic and modern, they can appear to be contradictions of one another, but they are not. In design, it’s called balanced tension, push and pull, or sometimes yin and yang.

Seemingly opposite or contrary forces when used appropriately, can be complementary, interconnected, and interdependent. Very much the same way the mix of the very old with the new work in concert, so do these seemingly disparate principles.

Really good design is made up of these principals and many more. This is often a process that can begin with a single piece. One that can be big like a coffee table or chair, or one that can be small like an incredibly unique one-of-a-kind piece from a faraway land.

Rustic Yet Modern

If your space is on the newer side (let’s assume you are not living in a 100 year old farmhouse) by its very nature, it’s likely what we would classify as modern. Elements such as kitchen appliances, quartz or granite countertops all contribute to its classification as a modern home. So what are the ways to incorporate the rustic?

Rustic Materials

Add raw, weatherworn and natural elements. You can start with a few pieces like these wooden crates, trunks or benches and move them around. Modern elements can sometimes be lacking textures, so incorporate pieces with lots of texture. You don’t need a lot to accomplish the balance.

Floors, Doors and Walls

Wide plank wooden floors, paneled wooden walls, barn doors are all incredible opportunities to infuse the rustic into your space.

Metal and Glass

Don’t forget to incorporate elements of metal and glass. Both metal and glass can serve as impactful additions and bring light and balance into your space. Metals with patina can offer load of rustic texture. Consider a statement light fixture which can completely transform your space.

Backdrop Colors with Neutral Tones

Creamy whites and earthier tones are calming and serve as the perfect backdrop for furnishings. The idea is not to have the wall color vanish, but serve as a somewhat neutral canvas.

We would love to help you with creating a modern yet rustic balance in your space. Please look through our beautiful collections and start with what speaks to you! Contact us for any questions, or if we can help point you in the right direction.