Emerald City

July 22, 2015

Emerald City

Christian Liaigre's Parisian showroom in Architectural Digest

Psychologically speaking green is the color of balance and harmony. It’s calming and evokes the feeling of renewal, rebirth, a reminder of spring. It lifts your spirit and restores energy, creating a feeling of sanctuary.


Events at Big Daddy Antiques

The Moroccan home of Yves Saint Laurent.

Events at Big Daddy Antiques

A reminder of all things luxurious and the precious emerald stone…


We have always loved the color and use it liberally in our showroom. When we find a gorgeous green antique, we snatch it up and take it home, to then end up in your home.


A gorgeous room by Gubi

Perfectly distressed vintage leather from Big Daddy's

The Aesop store in Berlin.

We’ve been discovering beautiful rooms where emerald is the star, and finding moments in our showroom that also fit the bill.

A beautiful mix of modern and romantic.

Villa Eulalia by Michael Himpel

The Pali Hotel in Los Angeles