Workplace Inspired

Most of us spend most of our lives working. It is the curse of modern life. We say, if that is the case, let’s make sure where we are working from is beautiful, comfortable, and worthy of spending endless hours in.

Modern rustic style on Flickr

Working from home is the ultimate luxury, both for convenience and for the decorating possibilities. We are dreaming of a home office that is not just practical, but imaginative.


Virginia Woolf's Home and Study

From Swedish rustic modern from Vtwonen, to romantic vintage, or masculine simplicity and even cluttered chic. We have been collecting amazing workspaces that inspire on our Pinterest. From blogs like Johanna Vintage and Lina Ikse, historical treasures like Virginia Woolf’s timeless study  (that desk!! pictured above) and a vintage style garret room fit for an artist found on Bearnaked.

Love the space you are in.