Little Things

April 14, 2015

Little Things

When it comes to business, Shane has always taken family into consideration. He has three muses, his wife and two adorable daughters.

From 79 Ideas blog.

From 79 Ideas

A keen eye for interiors and one-of-a-kind antiques, Big Daddy’s style is inviting… casual luxury that is a perfect blend of masculine and feminine, unique and elegant but still relaxed.

With two little girls around the house, who also have a passion for interiors and a lot to say on the subject, Shane is always on the hunt for pint-sized treasures that his little ladies might love.

From House to Decor

From House To Decor 

From mini rustic rockers, to replicas of our favorite leather club chairs; tiny things have a big place in our showroom.

Fantasy and whimsy are essential to décor. Bringing a sense of fun in our approach to interiors inspires us in so many ways.


From House to Decor 

You never know what you are going to fall in love with… and the littlest things sometimes create the biggest impact.