Les Puces

October 27, 2014

Les Puces

Creating a home that tells a story is not something you can buy – you have to hunt. Honing your eye and waiting to find the perfect pieces that you absolutely love, mixing styles that speak to you with reckless abandon. We believe in this personalized philosophy of home design, and it’s how Shane approaches his search for beautiful furnishings.

French Antiques - Inspiration found on Pinterest

A long time destination of treasure hunters worldwide, the ramshackle experience of France’s flea markets is infamous. Combing the markets in Paris’ Saint Ouen and Montpellier, Shane has found some of his most unique treasures, like this incredible, convertible, 19th century daybed. These gorgeous chairs are stunning example of quality and ingenuity, dating back to a time when home furnishings were built by artisans.


Antique Daybed from Big Daddy's

The history of the flea market originates in the outskirts of Paris in the late 19th century.Chiffoniers were the riff raff of the time – they stole through the night, exploring the discards of chic Parisians, and collected the most interesting and valuable things they could find. Setting up makeshift shops in their shantytown homes, the ‘Moon Fisherman’ created what has become Paris’ most known flea market.

A beautiful shot from The Vivant.

Chic Parisians soon took notice of the intriguing makeshift market and trips to look at the eclectic wares soon became a weekend pastime. The one drawback to the endless sea of fascinating curiousities – the fact that these discarded finds were frequently infested with fleas. The pastime and the market itself developed a nickname ‘Fleamarket’ or ‘Les Puces des Paris’.

Gorgeous ceramics at the Paris Flea

The fleas are gone, but the finds remain, from interesting trinkets to gorgeous examples of classic French design. Accessories for the home, vintage books and oddities that are one of a kind, the thrill of the hunt is still our favorite way to shop. Making the pilgrimage several times yearly, Shane continues to hone his keen ability to spot a diamond in the rough, visit us in our showroom and discover our latest flea market finds…

Images via The Vivant and Bonjour Paris.